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Item: YB-01-D - 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Lights System

Item: YB-01-D
Product Name: 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Lights System


  • Power: 26W 35W 55W 65W 85W
  • Rated Voltage: 100-277V
  • Color Temperaturre: 3000k / 4000k / 5000k / 6000k
  • Rendering Index: Ra>80
  • Dimming: 0-10V/DALI
  • Beam Angle: 30°/60°/90°/Single/Double Asymmetric
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Features of 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Lights System:

  • 60 seconds quick installation without any tools
  • Low installation cost, simply splicing to complete without the additional materials for installation. At the same time, the labor costs of wiring and fixture installation are significantly reduced.
  • A three-phase circuit is preset in the track and the lamp can be individually controlled as required.
  • Dimming mode: 0-10V and DALI.
  • Emergency mode: Emergency Battery/UPS System.
  • Sensor mode: microwave sensor and daylight sensor.
  • X, L, and T standard module node connectors.
  • Mounting options: Surface mounted, chains or ropes.
  • Wide range of optics from 30° to 120° distribution, and double symmetrical distribution.




Structure of 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Light System (Click to View Detailed Description)


Application of 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Light System

  • Warehouse
  • Supermarket
  • 4S Servie Center
  • Underground Parking Garage
  • Production Workshop
  • Railway Station
  • Museum
  • Laboratories
  • Wet Indoor Area
  • Garage
  • Workbench Area
  • Storage Area
  • Basements
  • Equipment Room
  • And so on



Basic Parameter - OSRAM DRIVER Epistar LED / Sanan LED


Item YB-01-D-0626 YB-01-D-1235 YB-01-D-1555 YB-01-D-1565
3000K / 4000K / 5000K / 6000K
CRI >80 >80 >80 >80
IP Rank 40 40 40 40
Lumen Efficiency 130 lm/w 130 lm/w 130 lm/w 130 lm/w
Power 26W 35W 55W 65W
Material Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium


Item Length Description Material
YB-01-D-06 3X 577mm 3 Core Trunk Rail Aluminium
YB-01-D-06 5X 577mm 5 Core Trunk Rail
YB-01-D-06 7X 577mm 7 Core Trunk Rail
YB-01-D-12 3X 1150mm 3 Core Trunk Rail Aluminium
YB-01-D-12 5X 1150mm 5 Core Trunk Rail
YB-01-D-12 7X 1150mm 7 Core Trunk Rail
YB-01-D-15 3X 1437mm 3 Core Trunk Rail Aluminium
YB-01-D-15 5X 1437mm 5 Core Trunk Rail
YB-01-D-15 7X 1437mm 7 Core Trunk Rail


Optical Lens of 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Light System

LED Sharp(30°)

The sharp-angle lens can make the light highly concentrated, focusing on the item and highlighting the item so that the customer can clearly see the item at the first time. Can also focus on the precision workbench of the production line, so that the light is concentrated on the workbench, rather than other non-important places, this can help employees work more efficiently and accurately, but also help avoid unnecessary mistakes and reduce damage to precision work.

LED Narrow(60°)

The 60-degree angle is specially designed for corridors, passages, and aisles. It provides the most suitable and uniform light without causing eye discomfort due to being too bright or too dark, especially for hospital patients.

LED Wide Angle (90°)

With a wide angle (90 degrees), multiple spaces, multiple areas can be easily illuminated, so that the entire The light distribution of the supermarkets is even, giving customers a good visual range and winning more popularity for the supermarket.

No need for bridges, no need to purchase additional materials, no wiring, provincial  construction period, installation fees, labor costs, auxiliary materials costs, ceiling decoration costs, is a cluster lighting system.


Product Size of 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Lights System


Item YB-01-D-06-(3/5/7)X YB-01-D-12-(3/5/7)X YB-01-D-15-(3/5/7)X
A(mm) 577 1150 1437


Item A(mm) B(mm) C(mm)
YB-01-D-06-(3/5/7)X 582 577 584.5
YB-01-D-12-(3/5/7)X 1155 1150 1152.5
YB-01-D-15-(3/5/7)X 1442 1437 1439.5


Trunking Rail for 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Light System


  • The track is the bracket to fix the lamp body
  • The circuit preset in the track powers the lamp body
  • Splicing between tracks to form a system.
  • The rails are pre-wired within the factory and are available in three standard  sizes: 3, 5, and 7 wires. The 5th line is the basic power supply line, and the other line outside the 5th line is the function line, dimming and emergency functions.
  • There are 3 fire wires in 5 wires, and a common zero line and ground wire;  toggle the phase selection terminal in the track to connect the lamp body to  different electrical circuits. Three FireWire external switches can easily realize  the group management of different lamps in the system.
  • A 2.5 square wire cable with a maximum current of 16A. One wire allows the installation of 50 60W lamps.
  • The track length is available in three sizes: 600mm/1200mm/1500mm, which  corresponds to a lamp body of the same length.


No need for bridges, no need to purchase additional materials, no wiring, provincial construction period, installation fees, labor costs, auxiliary materials costs, ceiling decoration costs, is a cluster lighting system.



2.5mm2 wire diameter pure copper wire, the maximum allowable current is 16A.

Splice piece

The unique splicing way ensures the safety and stability of the use process.

Splicing terminal

The wiring is safe and fast, with detection holes, simple structure, easy to install and test.


3 wire trunk rail

Seamless stitching,No need for bridges, no need to purchase additional materials, no wiring, provincial construction period, installation fees, labor costs, auxiliary materials costs, ceiling decoration costs.

5 wire trunk rail

There are three fire lines in the five-wire track, a common zero line and ground line, for the basic power supply line, toggle the lamp body internal devices, select any L1, L2, L3 lines, to achieve independent segmentation (on / off) control.

7 wire trunk rail

  • Two additional function lines based on the 5-wire function, with additional dimming / emergency / induction function, whichever one you prefer.
  • Dimming function (Dali / 1-10V)
  • Emergency Function (emergency battery / UPS system)
  • Induction Function (Microwave Sensor / Daylight Sensor)

8 wire trunk rail

  • Add 3 functions to the 3-wire function-dimmer / emergency / sensor.
  • Dimming function (Dali / 1-10V).
  • Emergency Function (emergency battery / UPS system.
  • Sensing Function (Microwave Sensor / Daylight Sensor).


3-loop Switch Control

The three-loop function controls the lights individually by means of three switches,  SW1, SW2, SW3 (on/off ).  These three switches are connected to L1, L2, L3。

Status 1
The lamp are on during the working time.
Status 2
Keep two-thirds of the light on during overtime
Status 3
Keep one-thirds of the light at the break time
Status 4
All the lamps are off after the duty


Functional Module for 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Light System


Lighting Module

Power: 26W, 35W, 65W,
Dimming: 0-10V, DALI

Track Rail Module

  • The third party equipment is connected into the system as the electric connector of the track spot light, which can provide power and installation position, and reduce the overhead installation cost of the third party equipment;
  • Maintain the unity of the whole system-one, make the whole space effect neat and beautiful.
Blind Cover Module (Empty Cover)

When the cascading track splicing does not follow the installation of the lamp body, the corresponding track line slot is closed by using a dummy lamp (blank cover) to prevent the cable from leaking out, so that the overall lighting system is neat and tidy.

Sensor Module (Daylight & Microwave)

  • The sensing module needs to be used with the dimming module. Different from manual switch dimming, the use of induction module can realize automatic dimming of the system, high efficiency and energy saving, suitable for office, factory or warehouse.
  • The induction is divided into daylight induction and microwave induction.

Socket Module

This module allows power to be supplied to third-party appliances from the track trunking.

Escape Sign (Emergency Module)

Widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment venues, stations, public buildings and other places for emergency evacuation of lighting instructions.


Node Connector for 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Light System

In the actual installation process, the node has three connection modes, and the connector is used to connect the entire lighting system. Compared with other traditional LED lights, this method will greatly solve various application problems in the installation.

T Node Connector L Node Connector X Node Connector


Accessories of 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Light System


General Accessories
End Cap    


Installation Accessories
Mounting Clip Suspension Accessory  


Conductor Joint
Cable Gland Conduit Gland Conduit


Wiring Fitting
Feed In Box Feed In Connector Female Connector Wire Connector


Installation of 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Light System


Surface mouted installation Single pendant installation

A1: Hanging Installation Parts
B1: Splicing tracks, aligning the insertion sites, and then stitching.
C1: Install the bellows and connect the corresponding line through the terminal.
D1: Remove the 8 screws on the splicing piece
D2: Remove the splicing piece,Fold the wire and the splicing terminal back into the track
E1: Slide the plug, select L1, L2, L3 Wire, and then install the lamp body.
F1: Push and fix the lamp body into the plug position of the cascade track.
G1: Fix the end cap.
I1: Installation is complete

Packaging Information for 26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Light System


Item Package Dimension
(L1xH1xW1 )
N.W. G.W. Qty/CTN
Trunking Rail - 0.6 775*330*200mm 0.75kg 7kg 8pcs
Trunking Rail - 1.2 1345*330*200mm 1.15kg 11kg 8pcs
Trunking Rail - 1.5 1625*330*200mm 1.3kg 12kg 8pcs


Item Package Dimension
(L2xH2xW2 )
N.W. G.W. Qty/CTN
LED Linear Light - 0.6 625*330*200mm 0.75kg 6.9kg 8pcs
LED Linear Light - 1.2 1195*330*200mm 1.25kg 11.8kg 8pcs
LED Linear Light - 1.5 1475*330*200mm 1.5kg 14.5kg 8pcs



Installation Guide

- Installation Attention for Linkable LED Trunk Lights
- Installation of LED Linear Track Lights
- Installation of LED Trunk Single Lamps - Surface Mounted
- Installation of LED Linear Single Lamps - Suspension
- Installation of LED Linear Lights System - Surface Mounted
- Installation of LED Linear Lighting System - Suspension
- Structure of Linkable LED Strip Lights

Application of LED Linear Lights

- LED Trunking Light System Application in Supermarket
- Linear LED Lighting System Application in Classroom
- LED Linear Trunking Lights Application in 4S Service Center
- LED Linear Lights Application in Offices



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