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Linkable Led Linear Light

The LED linear lighting system is an energy-efficient , low maintenance better alternative to traditional linear fluorescent in a variety of industrial, commercial and light assembly applications.

It is the optimal solution for conventional lighting systems and also excellent for new installations. Due to it's low installation cost, everything in one box and installtion is tool-less. It saves both time and costs when installing lighting systems. Also the LED linear lighting system is really good in terms of the low mantenance. That's typical for LED lighting and this also keep costs low.

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picture (image) of yb-01-d-led-trunking-system-c-small.jpg
26W-85W Linkable LED Linear Lights System

picture (image) of yb-01-d-trunk-rail-set-a-small.jpg
YB-01-D Trunk Rail
Trunking Rail for 26W-65W Linkable LED Trunking Light System

picture (image) of yb-01-d-node-connector-t-small.jpg
YB-01-D Node Connector
Node Connector for Dimmable LED Linear Light Fixture

picture (image) of yb-01-d-module-lighting-small.jpg
YB-01-D LED Linear Light Module
LED Linear Light Module for 26W-65W Trunking System

picture (image) of yb-01-d-module-track-rail-small.jpg
YB-01-D Track Rail Module
Track Rail Module for LED Shop Light

picture (image) of yb-01-d-module-blind-cover-small.jpg
YB-01-D Blind Cover or Empty Cover
Blind Cover or Empty Cover for Linkable LED Line Light

picture (image) of yb-01-d-module-sensor-small.jpg
YB-01-D Daylight and Microwave Sensor
Daylight and Microwave Sensor for LED Strip Lights

picture (image) of yb-01-d-module-socket-small.jpg
YB-01-D Socket Module
Socket Module for Suspended Linear Led Lighting

picture (image) of yb-01-d-module-emergency-small.jpg
YB-01-D Escape Sign AND Emergency Lighting
Escape Sign AND Emergency Lighting for Recessed Linear Led Light

picture (image) of yb-01-d-accessories-end-cap.jpg
YB-01-D End Cap
End Cap for LED Linear Trunk Lights

picture (image) of yb-01-d-accessories-mounting-clip.jpg
YB-01-D Mounting Clip
Mounting Clip for LED Linear Trunk Lights

picture (image) of yb-01-d-accessories-suspension.jpg
YB-01-D Suspension Accessory
Suspension Accessory for LED Linear Trunk Lights

picture (image) of yb-01-d-accessories-cable-grand.jpg
YB-01-D Cable Gland
Cable Gland for LED Linear Lights System

picture (image) of yb-01-d-accessories-conduit-grand.jpg
YB-01-D Conduit Gland
Conduit Gland for LED Line Trunk Lights

picture (image) of yb-01-d-accessories-conduit.jpg
YB-01-D Conduit
Conduit for LED Trunking Lights

picture (image) of yb-01-d-accessories-feed-in-box.jpg
YB-01-D Feed In Box
Feed In Box for LED Linear Trunk Lights

picture (image) of yb-01-d-accessories-feed-in-connector.jpg
YB-01-D Feed In Connector
Feed In Connector for LED Linear Trunk Lights

picture (image) of yb-01-d-accessories-female-connector.jpg
YB-01-D Female Connector
Female Connector for LED Linear Supermarket Lights

picture (image) of yb-01-d-accessories-wire-connector.jpg
YB-01-D Wire Connector
Wire Connector for LED Linear Warehouse Lights

picture (image) of yb01x-linear-luminaire-s.jpg
YB01X Series
Linkable LED Linear Luminaire

picture (image) of yb01z-array-luminaire-s.jpg
YB01Z Series
Linkable LED ArrayLuminaire

picture (image) of yb01c-pc-cover-luminaire-s.jpg
YB01C Series
Linkable LED PC Cover Luminaire

picture (image) of yb01dob-dob-luminaire-s.jpg
YB01DOB Series
Linkable LED DOB Luminaire

picture (image) of yb-t3-series-s.jpg
YB-T3 Series
15W-30W 3 Wires Track Linear Light

picture (image) of yb-t4-series-s.jpg
YB-T4 Series
15W-30W 4 Wires Track Linear Light

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1. How long does it take to get the quotation?
For any interest of our products, you are very welcome to send us feedback or contact us. We will reply ASAP! Generally it takes within 12 hours. For any quick response, please call us directly.

2. How can I get a sample?
Samples are free, however, we charge the shipping cost, which could be deducted in the later order as long as the amount reach our MOQ.

3. Can you provide OEM or ODM service?
Surely we can. We have a professional team which has rich experience in lighting field. A lot of our products carrying our ideas are well sold in North America and European market.

4. What's the lead time for mass production?
It depends on the amount. Generally it takes a month after deposit payment for us to finish the order.

5. What is the terms of delivery?
Generally we offer FOB, however, EXW,CIF,etc are also welcome. Feel free to choose the one suit you best.