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Item: YB-01-D Node Connector - Node Connector for Dimmable LED Linear Light Fixture

Item: YB-01-D Node Connector
Product Name: Node Connector for Dimmable LED Linear Light Fixture

Using various node connectors, the  dimmable led linear light fixture system can be assembled and combined in a myriad of variants, fully meeting the respective requirements in terms of design and lighting technology , L, T, X and L connectors open up many different options for creative design using light. Thus, the structures themselves will define the wiring sequence via the node connectors on site, depending on the application requirements.

In the actual installation progress, L, T, X node connectors are three kinds of installation methods. With those node connectors, all individual lamps of Linear lighting solution connected together and have function of lighting. Compared with other   traditional LED lights, this advantage will solve the problem of install in any application.

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All system components can be combined without tools. L, T and X connectors expand the system's application range.

  • Each node connector has diverse of electrical feed-in and feed-out.
  • The node connector is not only to connection the cross trunking, but also to connect the wire inside the trunking. And the node connector itself could even be the electricity feed-in point.


T Node Connector L Node Connector X Node Connector


  • L, T  and X Node connector made of aluminum material, can be suspended in node point with hanging accessories. A node comprises at least one in coming feeder and one out going feeder.
  • L, T  and X Node connector are available for 3 wire 5 wire 7wire or 8wire Linear lighting system, fully meeting the requirements of different installation way, connecting all individual tubes together.
  • Node connector can connect the lamps under any room application. The last connector will be sealed by a plastic feed-end cap.


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